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DADO CASTELLO BRANCO, a resident of São Paulo (a native Paulista), is one of those architects-decorators who have a love for their profession, coupled with an incessant curiosity and, above all, the ability to solve a delicate equation: how to add his personal touch while fitting harmoniously into a precise framework.


With remarkable subtlety, this interior designer plays with the details of a classic revisited according to today's requirements to make them perfectly contemporary. 


 Celebrating his 30-year career this year, since graduating in 1993 from the Faculdade Belas Artes in São Paulo and specializing at the École Spéciale d'Architecture in Paris, he now belongs to the Brazilian architectural scene that has made him one of the best. And for Dado Castello Branco, interior design, like cinema, is about playing with volumes and light with a touch of art!


His purist and aesthetic imprint is governed by a mix of discreet luxury and a creative spirit that finds its roots in the use of exceptional materials, between leather and wood, objects and furniture that respond to the essential principles of an unavoidable simplicity. There is in his art of dressing and decorating like a breath of zenitude that he instills in the places he designs, between empty and open spaces.

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