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furniture l decoration

GIOBAGNARA X Francesco Balzano_FBTV033_038_Ossicle_marble_trays_LIFESTYLE01.jpg

A brand that stands out for its elegant designs that express luxury without ostentation, for an unprecedented and almost unlimited palette of leather and suede colors, and for its high-quality production combining traditional know-how and cutting-edge technology.

This reflection between tradition and modernity, leads Giorgio Bagnara to experiment, constantly pushing the technical limits, in search of beauty and relevance of objects, relying for this on the skills of the teams of craftsmen of the company.


Very quickly, GIOBAGNARA is recognized for its expertise, and becomes the contact of a large number of interior designers, boat designers and aviation who request its know-how for special orders.

design light

David Trubridge draws his inspiration from nature and his curiosity for its forms and structures. He has created a large collection of iconic wooden lighting fixtures made in his own workshop in a small coastal town in New Zealand, where he is considered the greatest living designer.

Galre Vauclair

Specializing in artistic ceramics and rattan furniture from the second half of the 19th century, the Galerie Vauclair reveals an era marked by the great World Fairs since 1851 and introduces you to a style steeped in technical innovation and an exuberant society for which pomp and circumstance were paramount. The artists of this period contributed to the formation of a new taste that quickly spread thanks to collectors and amateurs. The gallery's extensive research, which no one had undertaken before, has enabled it to assemble a unique and original collection.

 furniture l decoration

Studio Parisien_N8A3723 FRAG.jpg

architect l furniture

Interior architect Laurene B. Tandrew and designer Romain Jourdan form the Studioparisien duo that create boutiques, shop windows, restaurants, ephemeral stenographs and furniture. 

Their clients lead them to collaborate with the creams of artisans in a changing world of luxury.

A dynamic and curious duo.

thomas vidalenc


Dado Castello Branco, a resident of São Paulo (a native Paulista), is one of those architects-decorators who have a love for their profession, coupled with an incessant curiosity and, above all, the ability to solve a delicate equation: how to add his personal touch while fitting harmoniously into a precise framework.

 With remarkable subtlety, this interior designer plays with the details of a classic revisited according to today's requirements to make perfectly contemporary places.

lifestyle l tableware


Degrenne has inspired the Arts de la Table since 1948, thanks to a complete range of products ranging from cuisine to Art de Vivre.


The group sells more than 35 million items each year, produced in its historic factory in Vire (Normandy) and on the sites of Limoges and Alföld (Hungary). ​

Distributed in more than 85 countries, it has about twenty own stores and nearly 40 Degrenne corners in France. 

Véronique Gabai
Vitra Bathrooms

Comité des Arts de la Table


Francéclat is the professional committee for economic development in the watchmaking, jewelry, goldsmithing and tableware sectors.

It defines and implements a global policy intended, through a program of collective actions, to boost the creation, production, and sale in France and abroad of products from these 3 sectors.


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Claudio Colucci

Ego Paris

First Time


Galerie Guillaume de Casson

Hugues Chevalier

Isabelle Stanislas

Jean-Marie Massaud

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