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Véronique Gabai is a French woman in New York, passionate about the culture, refinement, aesthetic sense and beauty of her country of origin.

Born on the French Riviera, in Antibes, she is Mediterranean of origin, birth and heart, and comfortable everywhere in the world.
With the desire to bring to others a supplement of style, creativity and joie de vivre.

In 2019, she created her brand of sophisticated perfumes, unique beauty products and innovative accessories with versatile uses, proposing an innovative vision that allows everyone to express their own personality. Perfume has always been Véronique Gabai’s passion, she wanted to express her vision, values and lifestyle through her own brand.

The creations of Véronique Gabai are all inspired by the French Riviera, they are designed with the most noble natural ingredients, grown and harvested in the Mediterranean basin and especially in Grasse. 

More than perfumes or cosmetics, the Véronique Gabai collection evokes a sensory escape to the Mediterranean, a new way to connect with the nature of the South of France, to bring a daily dose of beauty, sun and light.

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